Logic an American Raapper, Singger, Songwriter Spreads Love & Peace

Logic an American Raapper, Singger, Songwriter

logic american rapper, singger

The 27-year-old rapper Logic understands he is produced it. His album “Everybody,” released in early May possibly, debuted at No. 1 within the Billboard pop chart. His San Fernando Valleyhouse reflects the spoils that come with this kind of achievement.

The property, total by using a pool, a basketball court, a recording studio along with a skate ramp, could be the younger artist’s largest acquire to date. Not too long ago, he marveled with the acquisition, all even though sitting in its adjacent guest residence.

“The undeniable fact that this is my guest property is weird to me,” he says, comforting on the plush sofa that almost envelops his wiry frame.

Born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Logic embodies the traditional rags-to-riches tale. Because the son of mothers and fathers who struggled with addiction, he grew up poor in Gaithersburg, Md. Being a teen, he identified he had a gift for overall performance.

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Following releasing his very first mixtape, “Young, Broke & Infamous,” in 2010, Logic honed his craft and slowly built up a cult following. Now, touring behind the topical and socially conscious “Everybody,” Logic will headline the Greek Theatre for two consecutive nights, beginning July 9.

Still, despite the trappings of mainstream good results, he describes himself like a nerdy rapper whose mantra is “peace, love and positivity.” If one wants evidence of his geekiness, it should be noted that he can rap even though solving a Rubik’s Cube, which he has done onstage.


Additionally, lining the walls of his guest home are dozens of custom pop-art paintings from some of his favorite shows, including “The Simpsons,” “Futurama” and “Bob’s Burgers.”

When his last album, 2015’s “The Incredible True Story,” payed homage to his love of science fiction and unfolded like a space odyssey, his latest, “Everybody,” marks a sharp turn for the rapper.

The politically focused project features Logic’s signature rapid-fire flow on topics ranging from mental illness to mass shootings, mixed in with thoughtful personal interludes. There’s even a meditation about the afterlife with celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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This kind of topicality on record came after a bit of online drama. Right after numerous recent reports of alleged police brutality against members of the black community, Logic, a biracial artist, was criticized on social media for keeping quiet.

His response? “I’m not going to hashtag it, talk about it to the Internet for it to live for two seconds. I’m

going to make a whole … album so it lives forever,” he said soon after a conversation with rapper and activist Killer Mike compelled him to go deeper and instead explore more serious issues in his music.